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Full screen System GuidesThe ST-Guide hypertext System Guides is for all suffering Atari friends. The question which AUTO folder program needs which CPX module or how you set an environment variable for which purpose (and above all where...) is answered as well as how to do many other configuration works. Just try it out! German only!
Note: Windows users can also use the System Guides with WinGuide by Frank Rüger.



At last there is it, the new software. Installed quickly and tried out? But usually before pleasure there is duty: The little tools which accompany some programs want to be integrated into the system as well. Often you read sentences like this in the readme texts enclosed:

"To be able to use the whole functionality, the program A.PRG should be put into the AUTO folder, at this it is to be payed attention to that it will be installed after a B.PRG possibly in existing. Users of MagiC from version X.01 upwards may also, by setting the environment variable #_ENV a-bla, if the path in ASSIGN.SYS has been adjusted before, but on 68030 computers the sound output will be interfered by that..."

Then you sit in front of the opened AUTO folder, see programs in it of which you do not know yet what they are good for, what they do and if you already have the software which is dependent on.

Probably everyone has experienced that like that or similar. In order to tidy up the configuration files and -programs both numerous and maybe influencing each other in its functionality, this System Guides hypertext has been created. What is spread in several folders all over the harddisk normally, has been both collected and sorted clearly arranged by topic.



Naturally, neither the author of this HYP nor the beta testers alone are able to know all configurations possible or even have them running. I.e. this hypertext is kept alive by the active participation of all software configuration specialists who always wanted to show all others how much they know about environment variables and hidden configuration files. ;-)

Just send a mail to:

By the way many thanks to Christian Rehm for the preface and beta testing. :-)

If the hypertext pleases you you can also send me a mail. :-)

Oh, and there's something else: this HYP is freeware. You can quote as much as you wish out of it but I'd like to make changes by myself - that means: please only make changes for private purpose and don't spread changed versions!

Current versions of this HYP can always be found within the Maus F (069-96206127, in Germany!), on the Internet at
or by request by mail (see above).



What developed since version 1.0?

Well, it's not much indeed - but maybeit helps the one or the other. :-)


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Jens Hatlak
February 28, 2000