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Joe – The HTML editor

The HTML editor Joe comes from France and came into being by the project Queen Meka (program's author:  Pierre Tonthat alias Rajah Lone). The program itself is Postcardware, the RSC files of the multi-language versions on the other hand are Freeware.

After an English version had been released I set about the translation into German. Soon the RSCs were translatet and a German version on the homepage of the program's author available. An additional package followed, called Joe's Good Tricks, which I translated and published as well.


The 1.48 version

Starting with version 1.48 Joe and Joe's Good Tricks are combined in one package.

News since version 1.47:

The 1.47 version

The 1.47 version simply replaces the program file of the 1.46 package. News, changes und bugfixes compared with the 1.46 version:

1.46 version

The 1.46 version supports among other:

Innovations since version 1.42

1.42 version




Joe's Good Tricks

Joe's Good Tricks, now freeware, is a collection of tag generator modules for Joe (now included in the package) which run independently as well. The package consists of modules for the following tags:

<TABLE> Tabels
<EMBED> Movies
<HEAD> Header
<SND> Background sound
<IMG> Images
<HR> Horizontal rules


Packed ZIP archives

German English French Swedish Italian Czech
Bugfix 2 for V1.48 (PRG only: for all languages)
V1.48 (300 KB) V1.48 (300 KB) V1.48 (248 KB) V1.48 (298 KB) V1.48 (302 KB) V1.48 (160 KB)


For comments, bugreports and anything else about Joe please do only write to the following e-mail address: (program author's e-mail address). Inquiries, requests for improvements and anything else like that can also be sent to me - I will keep you informed if you visit this site by time.


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Jens Hatlak
April 18, 2001