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Half-static tables  
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HTML tips: Half-static tables

The following table is built according to the described pattern.

Link bar


The content of this table column adjusts itself dynamically to the total window width.

The content of the column left to this one is always 2% of the total window width. Alternately you could set a non-breaking space, insert a transparent image or define the width absolutely.

The left column is dimensioned smaller than it could ever be displayed and contains a table itself. The hight of that column corresponds to the content of the own, inner table and the content of the right column. Because of that, the background color is defined in that table and not in the own, inner one.

The table in the left column is scaled to a fixed width and contains the actual text (e.g. links like within a frame) for the left column.


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Jens Hatlak
April 8, 2000